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My Barber

My Barber is men’s lifestyle destination!
With focus on high quality haircuts, beard trims and cut throat shaves, we are dedicated to creating an enjoyable and relaxing customer experience.we are a barbershop that “brings out the best in you”.
This means in addition to exceptional service; you are going to get a killer haircut and world class service.
his also holds true for our other services including shaves, waxing, facial, hand and foot care.We are “A place to look and feel your best in a relaxing yet vibrant environment”.


To provide high quality salon services, a unique customer focus all in a warm atmosphere.


To be the first and most luxurious destinations for all men who believe that they deserve to be pampered as well!


We provide a great service, a unique, high-energy vibe and haircuts with an unbeatable value!

  • Great Service

    We are dedicated to deliver a service like no other!

  • Time Respect

    We always strive to best handle all your grooming concerns with the most premium quality and without wasting your time!

  • Tailored staff

    When it comes to Talent & Style, there are NO BOUNDARIES!
    We embrace a team and family mentality that we feel is lacking in the barbering industry.

  • Private kit

    Because our customers’ satisfaction is what we care about the most, we are always aware of hygiene and privacy.
    Therefore, we are offering our clients a private and customized kit with all the materials for personal use.

The Shop

Black is Black!

The moment you set foot in our shop; you will feel a sense of belonging and this is what we exactly are aiming for “To make you feel that you have reached the destination you’ve been long searching for”.The black marble checkered with white floors, the wooden counter bar, the scent of the leather seats, and our guru barbers with their friendly and pleasant appeal will tempt you to live the real blast from the past in the context of the future.

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